A tempting way to lose weight is green tea with ginger. Adding lemon and honey is encouraged!

A tempting way to lose weight is green tea with ginger. Adding lemon and honey is encouraged!

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Green tea drink with ginger is a combination of nutrients that have a versatile effect on the human body.

This tea is packed with vitamins and helps to boost the human immune system. This drink is often used for weight loss, as its substances are able to burn excess body fat.

This way to burn those extra calories is very simple and quite enjoyable. We will tell you about the most common recipes for such a drink and teach you how to cook it correctly.

The benefits and harms of the drink

The combination of these two components gives a product filled with a whole range of beneficial substances, both for the whole body and for a specific purpose - weight loss. This effect on the body is due to the substances contained in ginger and green tea.

  • Ginger contains vitamin C, which is involved in improving metabolism .. Often it is metabolic disorders that lead to the accumulation of excess fat. If this process is adjusted, it will contribute to weight loss.
  • Also ginger contains essential oil. It has a warming effect on the body. Thanks to this, blood circulation improves, metabolism is accelerated. This, in turn, contributes to the loss of unnecessary fat.
  • Another important element in promoting weight loss is chromium. It is also found in ginger. Its benefits are in the processing of carbohydrates, control of sugar levels.
  • The composition of green tea is not inferior to ginger. It contains catechins and tannin, which are antioxidants. This means that when they enter the body, they cleanse it of toxins and harmful oxidants.
  • An organism filled with slags and toxins cannot function normally, especially with regard to the work of thyroid hormones. Toxins slow down their work, and this entails weight gain.

Together, the substances of ginger and green tea have an effective effect on the process of losing weight.

However, along with this, the interaction of these products can also harm the body:

  • increase blood pressure;
  • provoke stomach cramps;
  • cause heartburn;
  • diarrhea.

This occurs with excessive consumption of the drink, as well as from ignorance of contraindications for use.

Contraindications to use

Despite the entire list of positive properties of the drink, there are several conditions under which you should not consume this tea.

  • The first contraindication is the presence of gastritis, peptic ulcer, colitis, enteritis in a person. In these diseases, the mucous membrane is damaged. Exposure to ginger will irritate her, thereby impairing a person's well-being.
  • With chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver, tea should not be consumed. Since it provokes the activity of liver cells. And with such diseases, this will be a positive effect.
  • Cholelithiasis is also a contraindication to drinking green tea with ginger. This drink can cause stones to move. Since the stones may be too large, unable to safely pass through the biliary tract, the person will have to undergo surgery.
  • A drink is also prohibited for various kinds of bleeding or a tendency to them. Since the action of ginger improves blood circulation, in this case it will not bring a positive effect.
  • The presence of a heart attack, pre-infarction state, stroke, coronary heart disease, as well as high blood pressure is also a contraindication to drinking tea.
  • It is forbidden to drink tea at high temperatures, as it can raise the body temperature. With acute respiratory viral infections and colds, before taking tea, it is imperative to measure the temperature.
  • It is better not to drink tea in the second and third trimester of pregnancy. In this position, he is able to lead to a rise in pressure. And this is dangerous for both the woman and the child.
  • Also, a person may have an individual intolerance and allergy to the components of the drink. Therefore, first you need to drink tea in small doses and observe your feelings.

Drinking a drink in large doses, even in the absence of contraindications, is not recommendedas it can lead to indigestion.

In addition, it is better to strain the tea immediately after brewing so that it does not become too strong.

How to cook: step by step instructions

Lemon and honey recipe

For cooking you will need:

  • 250 ml of water;
  • one teaspoon of green tea leaves;
  • 20 g of ginger root;
  • slice of lemon;
  • honey.

How to brew green tea with ginger and lemon correctly:

  1. The water must be boiled and cooled slightly.
  2. Put a teaspoon of green tea in a teapot.
  3. Cut the ginger root into slices. Put in the kettle.
  4. Squeeze a slice of lemon and add to the ginger.
  5. Pour hot water over the kettle.
  6. Let it brew for 15 minutes.
  7. Strain and pour warm tea into a mug, add half a teaspoon of honey.

It is recommended to drink the drink immediately. It is best to add honey to warm tea so that it does not lose its beneficial properties.

Admission rate: you need to start using a small amount - 50 mlto see how the body reacts to the tea. You need to drink tea 20 minutes before meals, 250 ml, that is, a glass, three times a day. The last appointment must be no later than 8 pm.

The main thing is that the daily dose of tea does not exceed 1.5 liters. In general, the course of admission can last 3 weeks. Then you need to give the body a rest.

With cinnamon and cloves


  • litere of water;
  • a quarter of a lemon;
  • green tea - a tablespoon;
  • cinnamon stick;
  • cloves - 2 - 3 pcs.


  1. Peel and chop the ginger.
  2. Wash the lemon and cut into thin slices.
  3. Put all the ingredients in a teapot and pour boiled hot water over it.

The water temperature should not exceed 90 ° C... The prepared drink is ready to drink. You can add honey to warm tea if you wish. It is better not to infuse tea, as the taste of the drink begins to taste bitter over time.

Reception course: you can drink tea three times a day 20 minutes before the start of a meal. It is not recommended to drink more than a glass of tea at a time. It must be taken within a month.

We offer you to watch a video recipe for making green tea with ginger and cinnamon:

With rose hips

You will need:

  • half a liter of water;
  • 2 teaspoons of green tea
  • 6 - 10 pcs of rose hips;
  • 20 grams of ginger;
  • Apple.


  1. Boil the water.
  2. Peel the ginger, cut into plates, put in a teapot.
  3. Do not peel the apple, cut into slices.
  4. Add green tea, rosehip, apple to ginger. Pour hot water over everything. Let it brew for 10 minutes.

How to take: three times a day, a glass before meals.

With lemon balm


  • 250 ml. water;
  • half a teaspoon of dried lemon balm;
  • teaspoon of green tea;
  • two circles of ginger.

How to cook:

  1. Boil water and cool to 90 ° C.
  2. Peel and cut the ginger into circles.
  3. Put ginger, tea leaves, lemon balm in a kettle and pour water over everything.
  4. Let it brew for 5-7 minutes.

The course of admission: the daily rate of the drink is 2 glasses. Recommended to be consumed within 3 weeks.

You can use it both warm and chilled. Better 20 minutes before meals.

We offer you to watch a video recipe for making green tea with ginger and lemon balm:

With cardamom and milk


  • a glass of milk;
  • 160 ml of water;
  • 3 pcs boxes of cardamom;
  • 2 tsp green tea;
  • 30 grams of ginger.


  1. Grate ginger, crush cardamom.
  2. Put ginger, cardamom, green tea in a saucepan or ladle and fill with water. Bring to a boil, cook for 2 minutes.
  3. Pour in milk, bring to a boil and remove from heat.
  4. Strain the resulting drink.

How to take: three times daily before meals. No more than 250 ml at a time.

You can use it for three weeks, then a break is required.

With garlic


  • 2 cloves of garlic;
  • 300 ml of water;
  • a teaspoon of green tea;
  • 20 grams of ginger.


  1. Grate ginger, finely chop the garlic.
  2. Send all the ingredients to the kettle and pour hot, but not boiling water.

The course of administration: 100 ml three times a day before meals for two weeks.

With lemon

You will need:

  • glass of water;
  • a spoonful of green tea;
  • 2 slices of ginger;
  • two slices of lemon.

How to cook:

  1. Peel and grate ginger.
  2. Squeeze the lemon, add to the ginger.
  3. Pour in green tea.
  4. Pour the mixture with hot, but not boiling water.
  5. Let it brew for 10 minutes, drain.

How to drink: if a person has high acidity, then drink half a glass of tea with meals.

If the acidity is low or normal, then half a glass of tea - in 20 minutes. before meals in the morning. Drink the remaining half glass during the day. Consume within three weeks.

We offer you to watch a video recipe for making green tea with ginger and lemon:

Possible side effects

No matter how useful the products are, their use should still be in moderation. Any recipes with green tea and ginger are recommended to be consumed for 2 weeksand then take a break of 10 days. This is also necessary so that the body does not get used to the components. In the case of habituation, the process of losing weight will be much slower. Also, longer courses of administration increase the chance of side effects. So, with abuse of a drink, you may experience:

  • vomiting;
  • nausea;
  • diarrhea;
  • allergy.

To achieve the desired success and lose those extra pounds, you should not rely only on green tea with ginger. This drink is an adjunct. Do not forget about the correct 5-6 meals a day. It should be in small portions without fatty, salty, smoked food, as well as flour products.

Watch the video: Never Add Lemon in Hot Tea Unless (August 2022).