How do the Chinese build the Chinese Vegetarian Greenhouse?

How do the Chinese build the Chinese Vegetarian Greenhouse?

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In most household plots today you can see greenhouses of different shapes and sizes.

Someone builds them with their own hands, others prefer to buy ready-made kits.

But the price of a good greenhouse is never low... Therefore, in the past few years, Russian summer residents have paid attention to chinese greenhouse equipment.


It is generally accepted that only low-quality goods come to our country from the Celestial Empire. But this is not the case. Today China is considered the largest agricultural producer in the world.

Its products are in demand in many countries, including Russia. Of course, we are talking about products manufactured at factories, and not in an artisanal way.

Such a kit can easy to compete with the most famous European manufacturers... Besides the fact that it meets all accepted quality standards and is made of modern materials, it is significantly cheaper than in Europe.

How do the Chinese build greenhouses?

Chinese greenhouses are good because their can be used both in large industrial agricultural complexes and in ordinary household plots.

Their quality has been tested in practice in many regions of Russia, and not only in such as the Krasnodar Territory, but also in places where the climate is rather harsh. And there, and there, these garden structures have fully justified themselves.

Industrial greenhouses from China or vegetarians are large complexes built using special technology. They have several distinctive features. The main form of the structure is rectangular building, placed from north to south and has a flat roof.

Design features

  • Greenhouse structures in China are usually semi-arched;
  • Its northern side is often the wall of a building that adjoins it, or a specially built capital wall, as a rule, insulated as much as possible;
  • The side walls are also made in the form of main walls. They are located, respectively, on the east and west sides, and are made on the basis of durable translucent materials;
  • A vestibule room is attached to one side wall. It performs an important function: restricts the access of cold air to the plants grown in the greenhouse;
  • The southern wall of the arched veggie can be completely transparent. But only the southern one, this does not apply to the rest.

REFERENCE: If a structure is being built in the field, its walls, for obvious reasons, cannot adjoin the building, therefore they are erected on purpose. Clay or brick is used for construction. Moreover, from the economic point of view, clay is a more profitable material. The thickness of the main wall is usually 2 meters or more. Later it is covered with white paint or mirror-type foil.

The advantage of a vegetarian is that it retains heat in a special way inside the building... Throughout the day, solar energy is accumulated by layers of soil and wall surfaces, while at night all the accumulated heat is released.

The beds inside are located in the direction from north to south.

This makes it possible master the existing space as efficiently as possible.

To increase the reliability of the beds, they are specially reinforced with bricks, boards or even galvanized metal.

Often, such designs are supplemented with high-quality air exchange systems.


The covering can be cellular polycarbonate or a special reinforced film. The latter is highly elastic and very tear resistant. The service life of such coverage is about three years.

Several versions of this material are being produced in Russia. The best is the blue-gray film.with the ability of light correction. She has a number of advantages, including:

  • Durability, high quality;
  • Bright illumination;
  • Long service life;
  • Such a film does not stretch or tear;
  • The blue-gray coating traps radiation harmful to plants, while providing them with maximum sunlight;
  • The film can be bought by weight, thus saving on its purchase.

Heat supply

Heating in vegetarians is mainly coal or gas. They also have one distinctive feature. To keep warm, for the night they are covered with a blanket of rice husks.

It usually rises and falls automatically. In cold regions, heating systems work so efficiently that they allow you to grow not only familiar vegetables, but even exotic heat-loving plants, moreover, all year round.

TIP: The sloping design makes it possible to significantly save on internal heating and reduce energy losses when heating the internal space from the sun's rays.

Irrigation and fertilization

An industrial greenhouse is usually equipped with a special drip irrigation system... In addition, in order to get a rich harvest, fertilizers are actively used in the Celestial Empire. Their type and the required amount are selected individually.

How to choose the right one?

When buying a greenhouse, you should pay attention not only to the cost, but also to the components of the kit. It:

  • Coating material;
  • Irrigation system;
  • Structural elements;
  • Heating pipes;
  • Assembly instructions in Russian.

Of course, most Russian gardeners prefer to buy Chinese greenhouse equipment only for reasons of economy. And it is right. It is unprofitable to make such structures from improvised material..

It is best to purchase a ready-made kit. It is mounted according to the attached scheme in a short time... This does not cause any particular difficulties. The main thing in assembling a Chinese greenhouse is the drawings and check the stages of construction with the photo of the installation work.

For the construction of such structures, a special film is used, which was discussed above. She should be treated as carefully as possible... It has a sufficient margin of safety, however, it is quite easy to damage it during work.

IMPORTANT! When buying a product, you should pay attention to the manufacturer. There are enough low-quality products in the Chinese market, as in any market. Therefore, it is best to choose it from trusted sellers or resellers.


Greenhouse "Chinese Vegetarian" has combined the traditions of building greenhouses, which have developed over the centuries, with modern technologies. This made it possible to achieve excellent harvest results in any region, regardless of weather conditions and characteristics of the climatic zone.

The Chinese greenhouse allows the gardener to provide himself and his household with high-quality and healthy products without much effort and at minimal cost.

A photo

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