Bonsai leaves

Bonsai leaves

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Question: bonsai leaves

I was given a bonsai but since I put it in the house due to the low temperatures it loses a lot of leaves, even if it keeps adding new ones, which it loses shortly after

Answer: bonsai leaves

Dear Monica,
a lot depends on the species of bonsai you own; I believe that, if you keep it at home, it is a typical apartment bonsai, such as a ficus or a carmona.
In these cases it is often a problem of environmental humidity: at home the climate is very dry, especially at this time of year, when the heating causes a decrease in the normal environmental humidity. So it is likely that your bonsai needs to be vaporized often: with a sprayer it vaporizes demineralized water on the foliage of the plant, at least a couple of times a day.
Another reason that could cause the leaves of an evergreen bonsai to fall is the excess or lack of watering: water the plant only when the soil is slightly dry; avoid drowning, avoid leaving it in dry soil for a long time.