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With an eye to the needs of children

More and more often, in fact, the choice to leave the city for the suburbs proves to be the optimal solution to increase the quality of life and enjoy a healthy and healthy air, it is a choice, indeed a luxury, that not everyone can afford, but those who are fortunate enough to be able to choose greenery instead of smog will certainly be careful to look for a house with a garden, with a green space that satisfies its need for nature and relaxation. the choice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city is often made by those who have small children, to whom they can give an open space where they can play happily and safely. This is why in the decoration of our garden a space dedicated to the little ones, the undisputed principles of the house, cannot be missing. Unless you have a fruit tree with a solid trunk on which to build a beautiful house, it is advisable to include a small house for children in our garden. In wood or plastic, there are many different types, but all of them will have the merit of detaching the child from the TV and giving him a space of his own to share with his friends, secrets large and small hidden from his parents. A cottage for children has a cost that can range from 80 to 400 euros. Obviously the price depends on the size and quality of the product in question. Normally, however, they are built in complete safety, fireproof, resistant to UV rays, in non-toxic colors. All child-friendly. As an alternative to the little house, there is always the old swing, or maybe a hammock that can also use the big ones!

For the older ones

Indulge the little ones, in our garden you certainly can't miss a space dedicated to the older ones. A conversation corner, maybe a dining area if space allows. Or, if we prefer fixed furniture and give a romantic touch to our garden, we can choose benches, fountains, a small well, all in stone-effect resin. It is therefore enough to clarify the ideas - and in the wallet - and to look for what is right for us. Whatever our choice, it is certainly necessary to create an island in our green space, a fresh oasis that circumscribes the dining or conversation area we intend to create. For those who have the patience to wait, surely a pergola is the ideal solution. Returns a natural coolness, as well as allowing branches, vine leaves and climbing plants to enrich our garden with unique colors and scents. But to obtain a copious and dense pergola, sufficient to make the necessary shade, it does not take less than 4-5 years; in the meantime it is possible to choose umbrellas or gazebos, just as functional and useful for the purpose. There are many models and styles on the market, as well as all prices. If we are oriented towards a more economical solution and with few aesthetic claims, we can orient ourselves on a plastic or aluminum gazebo. They have a low cost, we start from 30 euros and usually we don't get over 150 euros. They are fairly light structures, usually self-supporting, which should be dismantled and stored away at the end of the summer. However, they are made to withstand the elements, the rain and the wind, they are covered with synthetic sheets that protect from the sun and provide shade.

Garden furnishings: A classic or modern garden

The gazebo, it was said, must fulfill the function of isolating a space that will host a conversation corner, a dining corner, or, if we have enough space, both. Do we love the dear old wicker and the atmosphere it evokes? We can choose for our garden a synthetic rattan sofa, similar in every way to the old bamboo, with the advantage, however, of a high resistance to atmospheric agents. Unlike the old wicker, in fact, its artificial emulation does not rot, nor does it discolor in the sun. But it is just as light to move, comfortable and welcoming. If instead we prefer a garden with a more pop look, we can rely on the masters of design and choose for our living room in plein air a latest-generation pvc sofa: resistant to the most torrential rains it has the shape of a traditional sofa and the practicality of plastic. in both cases, an outdoor living room will not cost more than 700 euros. The same goes for the dining corner: of the same line (synthetic or ultra pop rattan) it is possible to find coordinated dining tables and chairs. Of course, given the volumes, these are not stackable furniture, so they are not recommended for those with space problems. In this case it is indeed advisable to direct your choice towards lighter garden accessories, perhaps foldable or removable, which can be stored away more easily at the end of the summer. Finally, if they love fixed furniture and that slightly romantic taste, we can choose to decorate our garden with one or more benches, pretty those accompanied by a lamppost, maybe a small well in which to grow a fruit tree, or a fountain whose lapping will accompany our relaxation, removing the noise of the city and the stress accumulated during the day. They are handcrafted products, in stone effect resin, of high quality, which will help us to give an extra touch to our green space, making it unique and inimitable.