Paper flowers

Paper flowers

The beauty of flowers, from which world is world, has always aroused happy, joyful and cheerful feelings. Flowers are decorative ornaments par excellence: they are painted in paintings, set up in apartments to create pleasing design effects, used at a transversal level to make the environments that surround us more beautiful. For this reason, many have been inspired by them by creating paper flowers.
In the handicraft works, the flowers have inspired compositions of rare beauty: real works of art in paper composed by the skilled hands of master craftsmen, dedicated to those moments of life that represent a particular importance for each one: ceremonies, weddings, festivities , recurrences.


The artificial flowers of paper summarize the sense of immovable perfection contained in the fresh flower, with the advantage, compared to the latter, of making that peculiar beauty literally immortal, sometimes equaling it, sometimes even transcending it.
The practice of creating fake flowers has remote origins in time and space: it is said that since the time of the Egyptians there was a yearning for imitating flowers using very thin sheets of cloth (probably linen). Even during the Middle Ages, skilled creative artisans sprouted beautiful garlands of paper in their hands. A few centuries later, in ancient Venice, wonderful floral parchment compositions stood out among the ladies' hair, adorned and embellished with pearls and precious.
From these noble origins, the composition of artificial flowers in paper has evolved towards new forms and applications until it has been considered as a true work of art: in the nineteenth century some compositions protected by glass bells were exhibited. they were precious. From then on, the step was brief: splendid floral creations are in fact still used in the decoration of environments, in design, in the furnishing of houses and shops. Many are those who, fascinated by this creative and stimulating art, decide to approach the composition of paper flowers to decorate their environment, their home, with friendly and lively combinations of shapes and sometimes bizarre colors, sometimes sober, but still very beautiful as a particular expression of one's personal taste.


For those who want to approach the practice of the composition of paper flowers, a brief description of the main tools used in the creation of beautiful floral compositions may be useful. They are all tools that are easy to find but are indispensable during processing, so it is a good idea not to be running without one of them, because this could interrupt the creative flow leaving us - so to speak - without gasoline!


Below, we will then report the list of the main useful products that each skilled composer should not miss at home:
- of course, the card! Choose it colored, more or less thick, grainy or smooth. Depending on the case, you will certainly be able to choose the most suitable one!
- Roll of iron wire. The wire will be very useful during the composition of your paper flowers!
- Green iron wire, with thick diameter: certainly you will need it because of an element of fundamental importance. Why? Because it serves to compose the stems of your paper flowers!
- Nylon thread: never underestimate the power of transparency!
- Adhesive tape for florists: well, it's true that you are not real florists, but you are still creating paper flowers that are likely to resemble real ones. So, don't miss the adhesive tape. And please: be green!
- Satin ribbons: according to you, what can they be used for? Surely you've come up with some ideas, right?
- Paper cords: on the other hand, don't forget that you are still making paper flowers!
- Adhesive paper tape: it will certainly be very useful during the work. When you least expect it, here it will be needed! You can't miss it, no!
- Quick-setting glue: the glue will facilitate the work of composition but beware of the fingers!


And now, of course, we will be sent to learn more about the tools of the trade!
- Common scissors: a normal pair of scissors will be more than sufficient in most cases. Anyone can use them and they don't need instructions, am I right?
- Serrated blade scissors, like the sample cutter: they will be used during processing to make your wonderful work more effective and creative. Get a pair and always keep them close at hand. Don't forget them, please!
- Tronchese: do not borrow it. Buy this one. You will need it when you use the wire: it is used to cut it. So watch out!
- Stapler: a normal stapler with staples will serve to give your most beautiful creations the ultimate fixation by adjusting the structure. A wonderful common tool that you must always keep close at hand.