Noni syrup

The Noni plant

"Noni" is the most used term to refer to Morinda citrifolia, a plant that belongs to the Rubiacea family, very common in Polynesia but now widely appreciated and used all over the world. The Noni plant easily adapts to various environmental factors but even today the greatest cultivation is on the island of Tahiti. This plant has been given remarkable beneficial properties and a high therapeutic contribution in the treatment of many common disorders. The noni is an evergreen plant, it reaches a height that usually does not exceed six meters, its leaves are elliptical, on average large and particularly shiny, its flowers form spherical inflorescences and its fruits have different colors, green or yellow to depending on the time of maturation. For millennia it has been the sacred plant of the indigenous sorcerers and healers, the "Kahuna", who have always considered the Noni a precious gift of nature, indispensable for soothing pain and physical suffering.
Its beneficial effects are still being studied by researchers, experts in the field, in western countries. Each component of this plant has medicinal properties, all of great value. It seems that the major beneficial properties of noni derive from the fruits of the plant, rich in remarkable active ingredients very important for health. A good amount of natural elements have been found including calcium, magnesium, linoleic acid and pectin. High percentages of vitamin A and C, amino acids and selenium are not missing. From the noni plant a syrup is extracted that has long been considered an elixir of long life.

Property of Noni syrup

Even if its beneficial effects are still in an experimental phase, the hypothesis that Noni syrup plays an important therapeutic action in patients suffering from hypertension, myalgia and joint pains is also confirmed, and it is also used to mitigate the discomfort resulting from colds, flu, gastritis and to help treat depression. The extract of the Noni plant stimulates the cells of the immune system, it seems to be very effective for the reproduction and diffusion of the cells of an organ in particular: the thymus, an endocrine gland placed behind the sternum which produces hormones and which takes on in the body human being a fundamental role in the stages of the aging process. Its antioxidant property and its ability to act on endorphins, the chemical substances that increase the feeling of well-being and improve mood, is therefore remarkable. Noni extract also hinders the development of fungal diseases.
Proponents of the Noni plant were Prof. Neil Solomon and Dr. Ralph Heinicke, according to whom the people who took dwarf syrup recorded up to 90% of the cases a general health improvement. Great credit must be given to the biochemist Heinicke who, through in-depth studies, discovered the presence of Xeronina, an active ingredient essential to the proper functioning of the human body, in the fruit of Morinda citrifolia.

Use of Noni syrup

To take full advantage of the beneficial effects of Noni syrup, it is advisable to follow some suggestions:
-take the syrup at least three times a day, better on an empty stomach, in order not to compromise the activity of the vegetable substances present in the syrup (alkaloids) during the digestion phases
- avoid smoking and drinking exciting substances such as coffee or tea when you take Noni syrup so as not to reduce its beneficial effect.
- Noni syrup is also considered a homeopathic remedy to combat cough, it has no contraindications and is therefore very suitable for children.

Noni syrup: The sale of Noni syrup

It is clear that the use of Noni syrup supplements a diet or medical therapy, so it is good to consult your specialist to determine the right dosage and avoid interactions with other drugs. Overdose can cause side effects such as intestinal disorders and abdominal bloating. The abuse of Noni syrup may also trigger allergic reactions, in which case it is advisable to stop taking it and seek advice from your doctor ...
It is essential to buy Noni syrup in herbal stores or in stores that sell organic products. Ensure the validity of the purchase and rely on expert advice. Better not to buy products with Noni extract that report prices that are too low because they do not guarantee the quality of the drink.
The cost is quite accessible, the price of a 500 ml bottle is around twenty-five euros. We recommend keeping the syrup in the fridge and shaking the bottle before use.
On the market it is possible to find pure syrups of noni but also with the addition of ingredients such as fructose and aromas, lemon extract is often present, useful to improve the taste of the syrup itself.
Online sales offer a wide range of noni-based products, but it is advisable to carefully evaluate the offers to avoid incautious purchases. In any case, it is always preferable to contact an expert dealer of natural products.